01/01/16 Review 2015

new records, but slight concerns as well

The last days allowed to review what we have achieved, where we missed targets and what could be improved to gain better results. Our aim always was and is to be realistic, keep a positive approach and not to be downturned by the negative. 


However, 40 wins and more than €920.000 in prizemoney worldwide won by horses either bred or raised/prepped at SCHLOSSGUT ITLINGEN mean a new record. It is very satisfying that last years record was easily passed again. 
First winner of the year was FOUR CARAT on the 31st of January in Australia and the last was GWENDOLYN on the 12th of December in England. In between were victories in England, France, Germany and the USA, as well as in Norway, Sweden and Czechia. Top of the list were the Group- respectively Stakeswinners AMIE NOIRE, FEARLESS HUNTER, FOR ME and LUCKY SPEED. Adding up were the Group or Stakes placed runners as KALDERA, LYCIDAS and ROCKAWAY VALLEY. With the low numbers going through our hands, it is not an easy aim, but we would like to add an other Gr.1 winner in 2016.

Only horses, which have either been born at SCHLOSSGUT ITLINGEN or being prepared as foals or yearlings by STAUFFENBERG BLOODSTOCK were included in the above results. The results of leading jumper IRVING or the french Stakeswinner IROMEA have not been recorded, as they were either purchased privately out of the racing stable by STAUFFENBERG BLOODSTOCK or as the latter as a foal at the Tattersalls December Foal Sales for their owners and never put a foot on SCHLOSSGUT ITLINGEN.


Pinhooking and consigning has become a more important part of STAUFFENBERG BLOODSTOCK in the last few years, especially since pinhooking for a syndicate started in 2012, so the results of the first crop of purchased foals were 3yo's in 2015 and the second last years 2yo's. The multiple 2yo winner MUKHAYYAM and the afore mentioned Stakeswinner IROMEA were the sole purchases in 2012. From the 2yo's are already ROCKAWAY VALLEY Gr.2 placed and SHAHBAR winners.

STAUFFENBERG BLOODSTOCK has established itself as as one of the leading pinhhookers and consignors in Europe, returning some good results for his investors and delivering some above average or promising winners for the clients who purchased out of the consignments. However, in a more and more selective market there is reason to be even more cautious, as the prizes for the top foals have risen a lot and the numbers of clients buying at the high end is a pretty small group. However the syndicate has now a a bigger number of people investing in and so lowers the risks for every shareholder. As there is always room for improvement, some facilities at SCHLOSSGUT ITLINGEN have been improved to help STAUFFENBERG BLOODSTOCK to continue to succeed in the coming years.


There is reason for an increasing concern about the situation of thoroughbred racing and breeding in Germany. In the past years, the number of horses in training has gone down dramatically. Especially with the sale of the best horses abroad, the chances to keep the current pattern races at the same level, is very much unlikely. The sale of the best fillies in training will have a long term impact on the breed as well, as reproducing regularly high quality horses 
from these smaller numbers and lower quality mares looks to be an impossible target.