Everything your horse
needs to thrive

At Schlossgut Itlingen we ensure your horses health  
and development by offering excellent facilities and 
an ideal environment for nurturing thoroughbreds, 
through rich pastures, high quality feed, large functional 
stables and top-notch individual care. 

SCHLOSSGUT ITLINGEN provides a functional and near-nature environment
for the keep and raising of thoroughbred mares and youngstock.

Excellent individual care
We only accept a fairly small amount of boarders at SCHLOSSGUT ITLINGEN
This allows us to ensure that each team member has the time to get
to know your horse and treat it with individual and extensive care. 
Together with our trusted external team of excellent vets and 
international experts, we ensure the optimal care of your horse.

Vast nutritious grounds
SCHLOSSGUT ITLINGEN consists of around 120 ha of land, sitting on deep 
limestone, rich in minerals and micronutrients. It offers the ideal prerequisites 
for raising horses with strong and healthy bones. About 60 ha of land are used 
for 16 fields up to 5 ha in size. Twelve small- and medium-sized paddocks complement 
the fields and are used to accustom foals to the outside and host yearling colts 
during the sales preparation process. All fields and paddocks are enclosed by 
wooden fences, hedges and trees, assuring a healthy micro climate for the horses.
Regular grass and soil samples prove our combined method of natural fertilization, 
continuous maintenance and 'range and change' approach successful and ensure an 
ideal mineral balance for the horses all year around.

Large functional stables
SCHLOSSGUT ITLINGEN offers 39 state of the art horse boxes that are divided up 
between 5 barns and are 53 to 89 square feet each. All boxes dispose of large air
volumes and the stall doors are barred all the way to the ground to ensure
optimal ventilation. The foaling stables are equipped with cameras to allow
for the continuous monitoring of mares and their offspring and newly arriving
horses are accommodated in an isolation barn until the health of all horses
can be secured.

High quality feed
In addition to feeding our horses on our rich pastures, we feed hay from German 
mountain ranges and the French Crow, as well as high quality oats. We also 
create our own food, produced by our partner Mühle Ebert/ St. Hippolyt and adapt it 
according to the life stages and respective needs of the horses. The water provided 
comes from our own well and rounds up our high quality nutritious care.

Preparation facilities
Yearling preparation is a core part of our business and we provide a covered longe 
ring and a horse walker to exercise the horses in addition to walking them the 
traditional way by hand.