Proven track record
since 1954

The legacy of Gestüt Quenhorn
In 1954, Carl Fastenrath leased SCHLOSSGUT ITLINGEN and started 
his thoroughbred operation named Gestüt Quenhorn. Initially, the stud farm
was used purely for private purposes but lastly it became one of the
most important studs in Germany. Classic winners bred by Quenhorn
include Arjon, Limbo, Lady Arc, Zahroff and Ziethen.

The legacy continues with Graf und Gräfin Stauffenberg 
In the summer of 1999, SCHLOSSGUT ITLINGEN was taken on by Marion and
Philipp von Stauffenberg who started rebuilding the farm according to the
needs of a modern and internationally oriented breeding operation. All 
buildings were completely renovated, retaining the original charming character,
all fences renewed and additional areas leased. Classic winners bred and raised 
since then include Lady Marian, Zahara and Zenato.

Reaching new heights with Stauffenberg Bloodstock
Whereas the stud farm was first used for private breeding purposes only, it was 
taken on by STAUFFENBERG BLOODSTOCK in 2020 and is now a modern set up that offers 
a variety of thoroughbred services from boarding to yearling preparation.