A wealth of natural resources
to rear top athletes

Schlossgut Itlingen is the ideal place for horses 

to thrive  and we have all it takes: rich pastures, 

excellent food and a team of enthusiastic staff.

Schlossgut Itlingen consists of 120 hectares of land with profound clayey-sandy soil,
which lies on top of a layer of lime marl and is rich in minerals and micronutrients. It
offers the ideal prerequisite for raising horses with strong and healthy bones.

About 64 hectares of land are used for the horses. They are divided in 16 fields
of 2 to 5 hectares each. Twelve small- and medium-sized paddocks complement the
fields and are used to accustom foals to the outside and host yearlings during
the sales preparation process. All fields and paddocks are encompassed by
wooden fences, hedges and trees, assuring a healthy micro climate for the horses.

Regular grass and soil samples prove our combined method of mixed grazing with cows,
natural fertilization and continuous maintenance successful and ensure
an ideal mineral balance for the horses feed.