03/06 Zuckerpuppe unlucky in German Oaks

There were some bad luck stories for ZUCKERPUPPE in the starting stalls for the German Oaks. ZUCKERPUPPE is always the last to enter the stalls. MIRAMARE, the favourite for the race refused to enter the stalls and the mess, when they tried to get her in, stressed especially ZUCKERPUPPE who was to enter the stall beside her. After MIRAMARE was withdrawn, ZUCKERPUPPE entered the stalls without problems until DOMINANTE, positioned next to her, nearly lay down. Anyway ZUCKERPUPPE got quite upset with these manoeuvres and when the stalls opened, jumped very high out of the stalls hitting with her head the upper bar of the machine. The jockey hit the bar as well, nearly got unseated and lost his stirrup. The other horses where nearly 20 lengths away before the jockey could manage to follow properly. She finally reached the field and finished 8th only a little bit more then 2 length away from a place