16/03 The new website is online

more information, better outlook, quicker to load

The website has been updated and all pages have been improved. There are a lot of new photographs online as well

You can get automatically informed about the news via RSS

Some of the informations are

  • Graf und Grafin Stauffenberg


former mares (archiv)

there are now results for all foals available bred since 1999

  • Schlossgut Itlingen

Results - There you can check for the results of all foals bred and raised in Schlossgut Itlingen since 1999. There are details for every race available

  • Seattle Dancer

Offspring - all group performers are now available with a 6 generation pedigree

We hope you will enjoy all the improvements. Please let me know if you find a mistake

There are still some parts of the website missing. They will be added in due course